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Luxembourg has a long and rich history of small-scale cider production. Hundreds of farmers have fermented their own cider, known locally as ‘Viez’, and Ramborn is working to revive that tradition. The apples are grown in traditional orchards of large, old trees, most of which were planted before the Second World War. Ramborn works with farmers to share skills and technology to revive, maintain and improve traditional orchards, and pays them a fair price for their apples in every harvest.

First Cider Producer


 Film by Frame Art Media, Photos by Ramborn and Véronique Kolber



Cider making in Luxembourg dates back at least as far as the Romans. The Luxembourgish word for traditional cider – “viez” – is known to originate Latin (the first wine comes from grapes, the “vice wine” from apples and pears).  Pliny the Elder (23-79AD) writes about making wine from pears and apples in Trier, Germany (20km from the village of Born, Luxembourg).

Later on, in the 4th century AD, the agricultural writer Palladius writes about preparing wine from apples and pears in the region.

The Ramborn


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