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Small Country with 


This saying applies to Luxembourg’s wine-growing region as it does to the charming Grand Duchy in the heart of Europe. A wine route, 42 km long, extends along the banks of the river Moselle between Schengen and Wasserbillig. The majestically 
manicured vineyards, steep and craggy in places, lie at an altitude of 150 to 250 metres above sea level. Less sunny than its  counterparts in southern climes, Luxembourg’s Moselle Valley is one of the northernmost cultivation areas for quality wines. This requires a high degree of commitment, 
technical expertise and ability from the Luxembourgish winemakers.


On the banks of the Moselle, at the heart of 800 hectares of vineyards surrounding the Chateau de Stadtbredimus, the former home of the famous Luxembourg poet Edmond de la Frontaine is now the headquarters of Domaines Vinsmoselle. Founded in 1921, Domaines Vinsmoselle encompasses the traditional wineries of Greiveldange, Grevenmacher, Remerschen, Stadtbredimus and Wellenstein without forgetting the POLL-FABAIRE Crémant Development Centre in Wormeldange. With almost 300 winemakers, Domaines Vinsmoselle, Luxembourg's wine market learder, enjoys the diversity of the soils in the Moselle Valley to produce rich and varied wines with distinct flavors. Its offering includes prestige labels, limited series and one of the most popular sparkling wines.

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