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 Domaines Vinsmoselle is internationally recognized and proudly unites more than 300 winemakers from the Moselle Valley of Luxembourg.  Operating since 1921, Domaines Vinsmoselle released its first selection of wines for sale in the United States in April 2016.  We offer and array of White Wines and Crémants to accommodate every taste.

pinot luxembourg, AOP

The Pinot Luxembourg is the perfect

entry-level wine to discover the beauty

of Luxembourg white wines. It features

a blend of Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc and

Pinot Gris that expresses the aromas of

yellow fruits with a nice, mild acidity.

Tech. spec.: 11,5% Alc

AUXERROIS  GRAND premier cru


Auxerrois is a rather rare cultivar, used to

produce highly diverse, particularly

gastronomic wines. Their style is rather

mellow, the taste profile both fresh and fruity

but also complex. The aromatic pallet

ranges from melon, mirabelle, citrus fruit

and floral notes, to exotic fruit, quince and

notes of melting honey. They can evolve into

long-keeping wine, reminiscent of a white


2014 & 2015 Vintage

Tech. spec.: 12% Alc

riesling  grand premier cru

wormeldange weinbour

The Riesling from Luxembourg breathes the shell limestone soil on which the vines grow. They confer intense minerality, which seems less fruity than in wines that stem from slated soils, but are very complex and stimulating as a result.


2014 Vintage


Tech. spec.: 12,5% Alc

pinot gris grand premier cru


Racy flavour of fume, elegant nose with the fragrance of dried fruits; the balance between creamy spice and fruity freshness give this Pinot Gris its finesse.

2014 Vintage


Tech. spec.: 12% Alc

PINOT BLANC premier cru

côtes de grevenmacher

The light notes of vanilla combined with the strong pepper note and a touch of minerality and freshness represent everything the limestone soils of this region stand for; which makes this wine a real “vin de terroir”.

2014 Vintage



Tech. spec.: 12% Alc


Classic medium-dry Riesling notes like citrus fruit, peach and a well balanced minerality dominate this wine.

2014 Vintage 

Tech. spec.: 12,5% Alc

riesling premier cru 

côtes de remich

auxerrois  Premier Cru

A brilliant wine with a light yellow color. A very intense nose of ripe yellow fruit and orange peel. You can discover the fruity aromas of the Auxerrois grape, with a long and refreshing finish. Wonderful wine for seafood, white meat or cheese.

2015 Vintage



Tech. spec.: 12,5% Alc


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cuvée brut Médaille d'or

This Crémant is round, flowing and flavourful with a pleasant balance thanks to a blend of the following varieties: Auxerrois for fruitiness; Pinot Blanc for freshness and finesse; Riesling for body and power.









Tech. spec.: 12% Alc



Rosé Brut

This refreshing sparkling wine has a fine, brilliant salmon color.  In the nose, aromas of red fruit, cherries and strawberries dominate.  In the mouth, it’s very creamy, aromatic and balanced.  It keeps its freshness, but is round and has body.  The play between sweetness and acidity is well balanced.  The finish is long and tempts you to pour a second glass.  




Tech. spec.: 12% Alc



First Crémant de Luxembourg created especially to be enjoyed on the rocks. It is a completely new taste experience, appealing, intense color sparkles and shines in the glass especially in contrast with the crystal clear ice.








Tech. spec.: 12,5% Alc

The Cuvée elaborated from various Pinot varieties balances perfectly sugar and acidity. Ideal to be served on the rocks.

Its refined taste reveals scents of red fruit, strawberries, raspberries an a hint of blackberries. Creamy and with refreshing fruitiness, the POLL ON ICE rosé creates a new taste sensation within the POLL-FABAIRE range.



Tech. spec.: 12,5% Alc



crémants de luxembourg

 This is quality sparkling wine of the highest calibre. The name  « Crémant »  has been used for sparkling wine from Luxembourg since 1991, provided the legal requirements are met. An innovative spirit, awareness of tradition and creativity have combined to create, in just two decades, a product that enchants even the most discriminating connaisseurs. The crémant is based on healthy, aromatic grapes with a refreshing acidity, favoured by the geographic location of Luxembourg’s winemaking region.

Appellation synonymous with the successful alliance

between the varieties grown in the vineyards of the

Luxembourg Moselle and the Champagne method also

known as the ìtraditional methodî referring to a second

fermentation in the bottle.


Only the Crémants of France (outside the champagne

region) and Luxembourg are allowed to participate in the renowned Concours international des Crémants de France et du Luxembourg where POLL-FABAIRE regularly counts among the medallists.

The grape varieties grown in the vineyards of Luxembourg have always been ideally suited to this method of production.

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